More than two-thirds (69%) of telecom customers attempt to resolve their own technical issues before resorting to scheduling a visit with an in-home service technician. However, those who attempt but fail to resolve their issues before having a technician visit are significantly less satisfied (a decline of 16 points on a 1,000-point satisfaction scale) than those who simply scheduled a technician visit without first trying to troubleshoot. To Continue Reading –

While most workers in the US were forced to begin working remote due to the global health crisis, it does not mean you cannot make the most of this by creating the perfect home office with only a few simple tips. To Continue Reading

Quarantine. Shelter-in-Place. Social Distancing. We’re in an unprecedented period of work-life challenges with COVID-19. Like many of you we find ourselves at home with our little ones as a result of the global pandemic. We have compiled a list below of our five favorite FREE ways to help keep your kids entertained and educated during this time: To Continue Reading

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